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2875 S Ocean Blvd
Palm Beach, FL, 33480

(561) 410-5370

Wine boutique delivering fine wines and craft beers at great value. We specialize in unique wines and beers from family-owned, sustainably-farmed wineries and breweries.

Our story

VINOUTLET is more than a store. It's an extension of our home. And, it's a family affair — from Florence, to Dublin, to New York, to Palm Beach. So, the store for us is a place to welcome you into our home and to spend time with our family in the best way we know how — over a great bottle of wine.

Dave and Domenica


Although continents apart, we both grew up on wine.

Dave's parents met in catering college in Dublin, Ireland and his father was a food and beverage manager for hotels in Ireland, and also managed and worked in hotels in England, Scotland, Wales, France, Spain, and Switzerland. In the home, they weaned their children on old world wines, particularly French, and Dave grew up enrapt by the stories of his parent's time in various European cities working with food and wine. When he was old enough, Dave worked in various bars and hotels in Dublin, Scotland, France, and Spain, and ultimately worked in the banqueting department of the famed Gresham Hotel in Dublin.

While wine is firmly ensconced in both of their families, Italian wine finds a natural home in Domenica’s family — Domenica was born in Puglia, Italy and moved to New York when she was a year old. For almost 15 years, Domenica was a manager at i Trulli, her brother’s restaurant in New York City, which has one of the largest exclusively Italian wine lists in NY. When Dave and Domenica met, Domenica’s brother also had a wine school and a wine store in New York, and early in their courtship Domenica and Dave attended many classes there together. As they got more and more passionate about wine, they attended classes and received certification from the International Wine Center in NY.

In early 2011, in an effort to find a more suitable place to raise their family, the Franklands moved to Palm Beach. Once they arrived, they threw themselves into the community. Domenica volunteers at Palm Beach Public and St Ann Catholic School, where their two children attend, and also serves on the diocese strategic planning initiative. Dave is the cubmaster for Pack 141, based out of Rosarian Academy.

While VINOUTLET will feature more than Italian wine, "vino d’Italia" holds a special place in Dave and Domenica’s hearts. They were married in Siena and had their wedding reception at the very beautiful Castello di Monsanto in the Chianti Classico region. And, together with the families of Domenica's three siblings, Domenica and Dave own land in Tuscany where for several years they have been making wine and olive oil, under the Massoferrato label.  If you’d like to taste a piece of their family history, be sure to pick up a bottle of Massoferrato in the store. 





In January, 2013 Domenica’s sister Carmela opened the first VINOUTLET in Florence, Italy. It’s a unique concept - with an average of about 15 different wines at any time laid out on pallets, it very much has an outlet feel - deep in the center of Florence. The goal in the Italy store is to bring new and interesting wines to the market at very affordable prices. 

We (Dave and Domenica) loved the idea but decided to tailor it to the Palm Beach market. Almost half of our stock has never been available before in Florida. These wines are imported from Italy by Domenica’s brother, Nicola. And, while some will feel familiar - the chiantis, barolos, and pinot grigios, for example, others will be new to many. 


There are literally hundreds of domestic grape varietals in Italy — typically unique to a specific region. Our goal is to introduce some of these wines to the Palm Beach market. But, if that’s not your thing, don’t despair — the other half of our selection ranges from Malbecs, Burgundies, and Riojas, to Champagne, Bordeauxs, and California Chardonnays, with plenty in-between.